Virtual Class Explanation

All driver education classes are virtual, with the in-car instruction supervised by the parents. Additional in-person lessons are available with discounts through our partner driving schools.

Virtual locations are individualized for internal purposes only. Choose the time and location that works best with your child's schedule.

Why be uncomfortable in a classroom setting after being in school all day?

Gersh Driver Education has virtual classes for a more relaxed learning atmosphere resulting in better material retention. This, along with parental in-car instruction, has proven to be a successful combination.

Why be rushed to get to an appointed driving time when you can schedule driving times at your convenience?

Many people do not know that driver education's driving portion is vendors. In essence, nothing changes. Instead of coming to a specific location every week at a specified time, you deal directly with the driving school and schedule the driving times at your convenience. Also, when taking in-person driving lessons through the driver education program, students are in a car with three other students and only get 20 minutes' worth of driving time per class. By taking the lessons privately, not only will the car come to you, the lesson is private for 45 minutes resulting in a better learning experience.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call the office.