Driver Education in Long Island

Gersh Driver Education is the largest program in New York State with a road test pass rate that surpasses the national average.

Take driver education at our state-certified driving school. Benefit from flexible, online scheduling. Gersh Driver Education is well known for its excellent customer service, variety of driver ed options, and outside the box thinking.

Learn how to drive from state-certified professional driving instructors. All of our instructors are state-certified, have undergone a vigorous vetting process, and have many years of teaching experience. We also give random BAC breathalyzer tests to the driving instructors ensuring the safety and well-being of every student.

Distracted Driving Course

At Gersh Drivers Ed, we are always adding ways to get students more involved and not be the traditional boring program. We are the only program to have an on-site distracted driving course. The students will navigate around a closed course in a golf cart allowing them to experience different distracted driving scenarios

Extended Program

This program is open to all abilities and takes the students from obtaining their permit through getting their driver's license in a very smooth transitional process, thus, helping them reach their highest level of independence. Learn more.