Extended Program


When making a determination for a potential candidate for the extended program, an evaluation process will take place. This process will be reviewed by the evaluation team and is comprised of industry professionals. Our evaluation team will determine if a potential student is a viable candidate for the extended program.

We believe that everyone deserves an equal opportunity at independence. However, the operation of an automobile comes with tremendous responsibility and safety is always our foremost concern; therefore, every applicant may not be a fit for our program.


Phase (1) 2 months - Classroom Setting - Taking the NYS Permit Test: The NYS DMV permit handbook has been tailored to make the information easier to comprehend. It will either be in-person or virtual to allow the student to learn from home allowing for a less stressful environment and then gradually move into a more in person learning experience. 

Phase (2) 4 months - Simulator: A state of the art simulator has been added to the curriculum to give the student that hands-on driving experience and vehicle knowledge without stress or repercussions. It will be both at home and in person and will consist of a (2) CD instructional video program along with a steering wheel and foot pedals, that easily adapts to any PC. This is included in the over-all price. The purpose of the home simulator is to keep the students on track and engaged with what they learn in class.

Phases 3 and 4 (Golf Cart & Vehicle) will remain the same and the home simulator will continue to keep the students on track and engaged.

Phase (3) 2 months - Golf Cart: This is where the student will get their first taste of real-world road experience. Each golf cart will be equipped with some of the safety features of an actual vehicle to give the student familiarity with vehicle functions. The start date for this phase is dependent on the time of year.

Phase (4) 4 months - Actual Vehicle: This is the final stage and will not be permitted until all the other stages have been completed and a passing grade received. Prior to going on the open roads, students will first practice in a closed setting, such as a parking lot or open field.

The NYS Pre-Licensing Course will also need to be taken and can be administered by a partner company of Gersh Driver Education. An additional nominal fee will be required.

For more information on this program including class schedules, call (631) 416-7224.


As individuals we are special, but together we are unstoppable.

We figure out who needs to be involved and we involve them. We keep an open mind and work hard at listening to others. We know when to dream and when to make a decision. We understand our strengths and the strengths of others. We use other people's skills and abilities to complement our own.

"It is our goal to provide each student with the necessary information and techniques needed to be a safe and responsible driver and to provide a learning friendly environment that meets the needs of each student's learning style. Our students do not learn the way we teach, we teach the way they learn."
                                                            ~ Joel B. Geller, Executive Director
                                                               Gersh Driver Education



Michael Wind and Liam Doyle

We are very proud, as these are the first two extended program students to pass their road test. Both Liam and Michael worked hard and spent many hours practicing and never gave up. Along with freedom and independence comes responsibility as well. The Extended Program has taught them the rules of the road and prepared them to be responsible drivers. We wish both Liam and Michael all the best, and much success, as they now embark on a new and exciting time in their lives.

Extended Driver Ed Program