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Driving classes are an important step to becoming a safe, and responsible driver. The Gersh Driver Education Extended Program, which is open to all abilities, offers classes to people that need more of a one-on-one structure that can be individualized than that of a traditional driver training program. The classes are also smaller and offer a more relaxed atmosphere.

In addition to the "worry" factor people have while trying to get driver's license, sky-rocketing insurance, gas and maintenance bills, finding and affording a reputable driving school/program that will be most effective in teaching driving safety, all translate into a major economic commitment that new drivers need to understand can be substantial and threatening if he/she were to have an accident.  It's not a decision that should be taken lightly or hurriedly.

The Gersh Driver Education Extended Program was specifically designed and is a one-of-a-kind program for people that need that extra learning experience to learn how to drive and ultimately get their driver's license since a traditional driver education program is not designed for the roadblocks and situations that can arise from a student that needs extra attention.

The Gersh Driver Education Extended Program takes their students on a journey across 4 phases of training utilizing a smooth transition from phase to phase. The entire program is (48) weeks long.

The (4) phases are as follows and meet once a week. Tuition is $6,199.00 billed by phase. ($1,549.25) We accept Self-Direction


Phase (1) Preparing for the permit exam: This phase is where the student will prepare to take the NYS permit exam. We have taken the NYS manual for the permit exam and broken it down into separate, easy to understand sections. This is a structured class once a week and is for (2) Months.

Phase (2) Simulator: The student will use a simulator to utilize what they have learned in a practical environment as well as getting used to the mechanics of a vehicle and includes navigating through various simulations. There are many scenarios to choose from and the instructor will decide each week which scenario to use. This will also assist the student with both proactive and reactive scenarios. (4) Months

Phase (3) Golf Cart: On an enclosed course, the students will get to use what they have learned in the previous phases. For some, this will be the first time they operate something that physically moves. The closed course will give the student the ability to learn real world situations while preparing for instruction in an actual vehicle. For days of inclement weather, students will use the simulator and watch videos for advanced driving conditions. For example: snow, heavy rain, ice, wet leaves, aggressive drivers and more. The missed golf cart day will be made up and added on at the end of the course. (2) Months

Phase (4) Actual Vehicle: This is when the students are now getting instructions in an actual vehicle. The instructor will begin with the driving portion in an open parking lot. When the instructor is confident in their abilities, only then will they drive on the residential streets. (4) Months


We have the responsibility of giving our students all they need to be successful, safe and the ultimate green light to take on the privilege of driving. There will be roadblocks along the way and emergency situations that they will have to learn.  Be a good role model, steer them in the direction of making good choices, put the cell phone away, and be a short-term back seat driver. With practice, time and patience, hopefully, you will be taking a road trip soon, with an extra driver on board.  

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These driving schools specialize in working with students on the Autism Spectrum. Professional and caring, North Hills Driving School as well as All County Driving School take a more hands-on approach to the sometimes delicate situations that come with driving.

Please call and receive a discount as a Gersh Driver Education Extended Program student.