Experience Gersh Driver Ed

Established in 2014, Gersh Drivers Ed programs are for young adults of all abilities ages 16 and up. Gersh Driver Ed teaches responsibility and safe driving habits to over 1,400 young adults each year.

With several locations across Long Island, Gersh Drivers Education is the largest program in New York. Our state-of-the-art technology, such as our driving simulator, creates unique experiences for lasting impressions. Our classes combine fun activities and informational segments to hold students' attention while still imparting the values of safe driving habits.

Impactful Education

At Gersh Drivers Ed, we provide unique and enriching experiences for our students. Seeing the chaos of the scene of an accident is very impactful for students. We partner with the Suffolk County Sheriff's office to recreate the scene of a drunk driving accident. This has proven to be so effective that we have featured on News 12 Long Island.

Road Test Preparation

We will teach the student the correct way to drive so they have a better chance to pass their road test on the first try. Remember, to pass a road test, you must drive like a new driver. This means they have to learn a lot of information. That is not to say that they should not practice with their parents to get experience. As a matter of fact, NY State requires a minimum of 50 hours of driving time (including 15 hours after sunset) to take the road test. The Driver Education Program will only provide about 6 hours of actual driving time. The driver education program will show your child what they need to know to help them pass the road test.